Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A Really Bad Day

This has been a really bad day, for two man reasons. I will discuss them briefly, and in no particular order.

1) The NHL Season Is Cancelled

I have been waiting for this for weeks now, but still I am saddened and frustrated by the cancellation of 2004-2005 season. I am saddened because hockey is very much a part of my life; I grew up with it and some of the best of my childhood memories revolve around it. I remember clearly going to Habs games at the Forum. I recall sitting on my Grandfather's bed as we watched Hockey Night in Canada. Losing the season feels a lot like losing a family heirloom.
I am frustrated because the cancellation comes on the heels of getting so close to a deal. The two sides had abandoned their respective philosophical solitudes and were a mere 6.5 million dollars US per team apart on a salary cap. It should have only been a matter of hours of dealing to get to a compromise number. I cannot accept or understand how those hours were not given by Gary Bettman.

2) The House of Commons Begins Debate Of Same-Sex Marriage

I cannot understand why the Martin Government will not accept the so-called "third option" of legislating civil unions that are functionally and legally equivalent to marriage. I don't see why a government should seek to redefine a basic social institution when there is no need to do so. Martin insists that it is about equality: "This would give same-sex couples many of the rights of a wedded couple, but their relationships would not legally be considered marriage. In other words, they would be equal, but not quite as equal as the rest of Canadians,"

I don't get it. If same sex civil unions are given the same functions and rights, what does it matter? Martin has not established that there would be any real difference other than the term "marriage" Does he think that marriage is a right? I can't see that. Having your relationship recognized by the state may be a right, but there is no way to justify insisting on claiming the title "married" is a right.

I hope and pray that the Government will come around to see sense, or else be defeated.

At the moment though it seems that this debate is going to end up as negatively as the NHL labour talks.

It has not been a good day.

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