Thursday, February 10, 2005

God and Gary Bettman

Being such a hockey fan, I imagine a few have wondered why I have not to this point weighed in on the whole NHL labour situation.

The reason is simple. I am a pastor. It isn't like I can curse or anything. And, until recently, that's about all I have wanted to do in reference to the lockout.

But now Gary Bettman, NHL Commissioner, has issued a drop-dead date for negotiations. To the NHLPA he says either get a deal or get lost.

All I can say is it's about time.

Bettman, I suspect, does not expect a resolution.

But, and I must say this is probably going to make a lot of people grown, Bettman is oddly acting like God.

The lost try to negotiate with God all the time. They try to negotiate how good they have to be in order to get into Heaven. God of course won't change his standards, which is total, complete, utter perfection.

In our Collective Bargaining Agreement with God the terms are pretty clear. But we still try to negotiate individual side-deals.

God seems content to let us try to do that. I suspct He does not expect any resolution, at least none that does not end up looking exactly like the CBA that already exists between Himself and His creation.

Let us not forget that we too work witha drop-dead date. Actually, in a way we work with two. Either we will ourselves drop dead, or else Jesus will come back. But in either case, it is a matter of either get an agreement with God or get, or stay, lost.

People are oftn more willing to negotiate seriously knowing that the ultimate consequences are close at hand. That may hold true for the NHL and NHLPA. I hope it holds true for many lost souls in this world.

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whirligirl said...

your best illustrations always have to do with hockey.