Tuesday, January 18, 2005

A Tribute

Faith Snively was a wonderful Christian who went to be with her Lord this week. I was truly privileged to be her pastor.

She was not a young woman, but her spirit never seemed old, and that is amazing since her life was one that would have withered many a hardy soul.

She was a woman of great desire to learn of God, and that despite what she called a failing memory. It didn't seem to matter. Her Spirit groomed wisdom was always apparent.

Her reliance upon God was always obvious. She was steadfast in prayer, seeking strength and guidance from God for even the littlest things. She showed God's love in many tremendous ways. She was patient with others foibles. She always cared for the salvation of her family. She always wanted the best for them, and that always meant Jesus.

Visiting her was always a trial in the best possible way. I would always resolve before entering the house that THIS TIME I would minister to her. I would always fail as she unerringly sought to be a loving support to her pastor. I always left feeling better than when I arrived. It isn't that she wouldn't let me minister to her. She was always just more concerned with what she could do for me than what I could do for her. I guess we were very good for each other that way.

I feel honored to have been called by her the best bible teacher she had ever personally sat under. I doubt I am worthy of the compliment. I receive it though knowing that in that, as in many other things, she probably knows better than I do. I am reminded of something she said to me once. In a very loving way, she told me "you just say thank you when an old woman gives you a compliment."

Well Faith, you who lived up to your name in more ways than I can express, thank you. For more than I can ever say.

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Kim said...

Sounds like she was a wonderful lady and what an honour it must have been to know her. I can't wait to meet her in heaven.