Sunday, January 09, 2005

I See Dead People

Yes I do see dead people. All around me. Every day. So do you for that matter. With apologies to those who wrote The Sixth Sense (and those who love that film) being able to see dead people is not such a big deal. Because of what happened with Adam and Eve, this world is full of spiritually dead people.

The funny thing though is that, like Bruce Willis' character in that film, these spiritually dead people don't seem to be aware of their condition. They go through their days as though they were actually alive, and there is nothing wrong.

What can be done to make them aware that not all, perhaps nothing at all, is in fact right with their existence? Well, like Bruce Willis' character, what is needed is someone with the sensitivity, the ability to see grasp the fullness of reality, to grant them the insight. They need someone who can tell them that while they are very nice people, they are still not all right.

If you reading this are a Christian then you have been blessed with that insight, that ability. Share what you know, and help these spiritually dead people have a chance to have real life. Tell them about Jesus who gives us a new birth into a new life, one where there are people who are, in the truest sense of the word, alive.

Yes, doing that may make you seem a bit weird. After all, in a world where most everyone is spiritually dead, you'll be saying: "I See Truly Living People."

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Triona said...

I just wanted to let you know that i very much like your blog and I feel that your comparison of real life to the Sixth Sense is "dead" on. I know exactly what you mean. They dont know theyre dead, or even if they do, sometimes they dont want help.

Just thought some feedback might be encouraging.