Sunday, January 22, 2006

Scary things happen

I enjoy a good conversation. That's a polite saying I talk a lot. I suppose that, statistically speaking, it was inevitable that something I say should make an impact. I guess I just thought that the infinite number of monkeys the U.S. Government has secreted away, typing on an infinite number of keyboards in Area 51 would produce the next great American Novel first.

That's just the first scary thing to happen this weekend.

The second scary thing was the Ottawa Senators blowing out the Toronto Maple Leafs 7-0. That's three consecutive landslide victories. Why is that scary? Well, partly because it makes me wonder when the bubble is going to burst, and how. Mostly though it scares me because it seems even less probable than my words making an impact. I mean, that's some very improbable things happening in relatively close temporal proximity.

The point? The election is tomorrow. Pray hard.

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