Friday, January 27, 2006

Life After Politics

Means Sports.

In the news... Rob Babcock gets fired as GM of the Toronto Raptors. That's a bit of a surprise to me. There really isn't anything that a new GM can do to impact things mid-season, so the timing is a bit odd. Personally I think Babcock has improved a lot over the last year, and should have been allowed to finish his contract, or at least get to this point next year. I suspect Richard Peddie is trying to save his own job on this one. After all, neither team at MLSE is doing particularly well right now.

About that other team at MLSE... stuck firmly in the doldrums, the Leafs have only one thing going for them; all the teams they are competing with are in abot the same boat.

Ottawa got a shutout against the Habs... can you believe Hasek only had to face 12 shots? His comment about how shutouts like that shouldn't count is funny. There were two things I particulalrly enjoyed seeing. One was former Senator Radek Bonk getting plastered with an open ice check. He is a seriosuly big guy, Bok is, and he was constantly criticised for not using his body while in Ottawa. Glad to see him see what a check is up close and personal.

The other thing I enjoyed seeing was Sheldon Souray getting turned inside out by, of all people, Zdeno Chara with a nice dangle, who then scoring on an even nicer shot. Big Z is not knon for his stick handling, and you could see where Souray was completely unprepared for the move.

Now for the question that I have spent all of 15 minutes pondering: What is the toughest division in the NHL?

The award goes to the Northwest, where the last place Wild have a .540 winning percentage. Honourable mention goes to the Pacific, with the Northeast picking up third.

The weakest division is easliy the Central, where the third place Balckhawks have a .400 winning percentage. Makes me wonder if the Predators and Red Wings really are as good as their records would suggest.

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DanofGod said...

Babcock was fired because of the Artest trade. If Artest can be traded for Stoyokovich, then why can't Vince Carter. And why not Jalen Rose. See the GM is proven incompetence. Also the riff and turmoil at Raptorland is because I forsee a trade coming and Babcock has had enough time to make changes and Sams the man, so Wayne Embry is going to make the trade. He has more competence as an interim than Rob at full time. The 81 by Kobe is the straw that broke this camels back.

As for the 12 shot shutout. Maybe we should look at the ethics of humiliationg your oponent. If I beat you at say Golf and you had one of your worst showings ever, wouldn't you get miffed. Anywho I just see him as a good goalie as earlier stated, the only issue is his lack of class. But who in Ottawa is ever classy? (politicians)