Monday, January 30, 2006

Bad Karaoke?

Several months ago I was attendig an anniversary party for one fo the families in my congregation. There was karaoke there.

I don't like Karaoke. For me, it is right up there with bad lounge singers, and cheap E;vis impersonators.

You can imagine then how aback I was taken when O was challenged thusly: "Our worship services are karaoke, you know!"

I had to think about that one. I had to admit that yes we sing along to words on a screen while the music plays. No bouncing ball or anything, but that doesn't seem relevant. The only significant differences are that the music is played live, we are not on stage, and we all sing the song together.

Still, it is basically karaoke.

Is that bad thing? Well, assuming the proper heart and focus for worship is present, no, I don't think so. After all, our "karaoke" is no different from when congregational singing along to music played on organs while reading from hymnals. The instruments have changed, the way we broadcast the words has changed, but that's all.

Sure, we once had choirs; now we have worship bands. Again, assuming the heart is there, the function the two serve in a service is identical.

So , keeping in mind that the heart of worship must always be at the heart of worship, says I: Bring on the Karaoke!

Just don't brign in the Elvis impersonators.

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McDLT said...

"Just don't bring in the Elvis impersonators."

Too late Christ the King, Graceland
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