Friday, January 06, 2006

I am trying something different for Sunday's message.

I am a guy that likes to experiment. I don't mind trying things. I trust my congregation to be understanding if it doesn't work, and I trust them to lovingly tell me when it doesn't and why it doesn't.

So what am I doing differently?

Well actually just my approach to the preparation. The reason is that it seems to make a difference in my delivery. When I am teaching a lesson, I am (so I am told) animated and excited. When I am preaching I am relatively monotone.

I actually do more preparation for a bible study than for a mesage, because I can get into more depth with a study. I also pay less attention to catchy phrases and alliterative lists when I prepare for a study.

I gues I just "get into " a study more than a sermon.

So we'll try approaching the sermon more like a lesson and see if it impacts the delivery at all.


McDLT said...

How'd it work out? Did the congregation like it or did they forgive you? ;-)

Kim said...

When you talked about "animation" I was a little worried if you were going to dance or something up there!! Safe to say, all went well. Thanks Pastor!