Friday, November 04, 2005

While You Were Out

My wife has been away in Japan for the last week attending her brother's wedding. I have been home with the boys.

It's an adventure.

My oldest son received candy during junior church last Sunday prior to the service. During the service he asked if he could have some. I told him he needed to wait until after the service.

This was not a welcome reply, or so it seemed. His repsonse was to begin yelling and shouting. I picked him to take him out of the sanctuary at which point he started to hit me, yelling he hated me.

Oh boy!

Well we talked it out, and we went back in to the snactuary. I cn honestly say one of the reaosns I am proud to be a part of Ev ergreen is the way such events are handled. Some churches, many in my experience, would have reacted ina way that would have made want to resign on the spot and never walk in the building again. Evergreen though doesn't make me want to resign. They jsut look at you in a resigned way that says they've been there, and they understand.

God is good, and when is poeple reflect His character, so is the church.

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