Wednesday, November 30, 2005

In a few short days I will be leaving my post ata local fast food establishment. No longer will I be bi-vocational. I'll just be part time in the church.

The last week is proving to be difficult for a number of reasosn:

  1. I am getting more guilt trips from management, and even some staff this week than in the previous 2 combined.
  2. I notice the time I spend there, and by extension, I miss the time I could be spending foing other things, more this week than ever before.
  3. I have the ominous feeling that there is a shoe todrop, like Satan is going to try something.
  4. More little niggling annoyances have popped up this week already than care for. The basement had water come in, I am feeling sick, that sort of thing.
But I am finding encouragement from a number of things as well:
  1. I have the feeling of waiting to exhale. I am so ready to be done.
  2. I am thinking of this in terms of being faithful to my family, not being unfaithful to my employer.
  3. I am getting excited about the several projects I can finally get to after this week.
  4. I have the strong sense that this is indeed what God wants.
If you're counting that makes the positives and negatives equal. But the truth is that the negatives just feed the positives. They make me more sure, not less, that this is what I should be doing.

God actually does use such obstacles to strengthen your commitment to His will.

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Kim said...

Don't you dare allow the enemy to get one millimeter of a foothold on you!!!!! The season of fast food is OVER!!!!!!! Move on and claim the victory Mr. Pastor!! Time to get to work now!!