Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I don't get it

I have been shopping for commentaries, somethign I really enjoy. I get excited at the prospect of having a new commentary to read cover to cover the way I used to when a new issue of X-Men, Wolverine, or Spiderman came out, or later, when the latest issue of Car and Driver or Automobile Magazine.

But I am a frugal sort, wanting to exercise proper stewardship of the money at my disposal. That means I do a fair amount of comparison shopping in order to find the best price. I figured the best place to go would be the publishers, so I tried them first.

Well the results were not entirely satisfactory (too expensive), so I thought I'd try Christian Book Distributors. I had used them in the past, and thought that I at least couldn't do worse price wise, and might do better with the shipping. To my pleasant surprise, I doscopverd that I could save quite a bit through CBD. But still, its an American company, and that led me to try Chapters-Inidigo Canada.

They were expensive for what they had in the way of commentaries, which was not much. That exasperated me, so I went to Amazon Canada, and they were the same as Chapters-Inidigo. That exasperasted me further, so I went to Amazon in the U.S., just to see if anyone other than Christiasn sold commentaries in any real variety and abundance.

I was shocked to discover the best price was at Amazon.com. I was also disappointed. I thought that if anyone was going to give the best price in Chrisitan books it would be CBD, a company I thought was of Christians, selling books by Christians to Christians.

It turns out that the secularists are doing better "ministry" in that regard. Go figure.

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Luke said...

I wrote a "short" note on this topic on my blog http://bookblog.blogstream.com/v1/pid/12775.html