Friday, December 02, 2005

So Today I got "The Question"

It is now the advent season, and we have a pair of advent calendars hanging in the hallway. They are made by a friend of ours, entirely of flannel, with little pockets for each day below a flannel nativity scene. (Incidentally I am putting the kids halloween candy in the pockets- an easy and organised way to ge them to consume it.)

We play up Jesus for the holiday saeson, and take somethign of a "don't ask, don't tell" approach to Santa Claus. The boys will at times speak their minds about Santa, but we don't make much of it. My oldest has decided that he doesn't beleive in Santa, while my youngest is pretty sure he doesn't exist, but is willing to "believe in him" anyway. Being quite the pragmatists, he is just covering his bases, in case not believing means no presents.

But siblings being what they are the two are arguing about whether Santa Claus is real. I decided to stick my nose in between them (lest someone else's nose get too far out of joint). I thought to make peace, but instead got myself "the question: Daddy, do YOU believe in Santa Claus?"

I hate it when I have to answer a direct question that I am unprepared for. I told them it was a personal question (yes I know, bad cop out). But I said I would get back to them.

Since them I have been researching the actual Saint Nicholas. I intend to expalin to them the "hisotircal Saint Nicholas" and the development of the Santa Claus story (in an age appropriate manner of course).

My point? Well actually I just wanted to pass along a link that I am finding useful for information. I went here.

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