Monday, March 21, 2005

I Need A Notebook

I just finished watching the movie "The Notebook" with my wife. I have to say I cried often and long. My wife cried longer.

It is a very touching film, and, despite some of the less than moral elments of the plot, the one sense that I take away from the whle film is that ther is little else more precious than to be able to say that you have loved one person in an absolutley unique way in your life, and that you stayed weith her. I could not agree more.

I think the reason that the marriage between the main characters worked is that they were both willing to put in the work day after day. That at least is the sense you are left with.

Its weird in a way that theme gets in there. The whole movie to that point seems somewhat idyllic and romanticised. Gettting that dose of reality seems almost out of place. But even then the words are spoken with a passion fuelled by romance, so perhaps it is not so out of place as that. It also may not be out of place given that Noah's character is one that effectively marries hard work and almost blind roamntic passion. The rebuilding of the plantation seesm to bear that out.

All in all a wonderful story. Very heartfelt, and a testimony to the selfless character of love.


Juner said...

Watched it one day last week. It was a nice movie, but I can't quite say it moved me to tears...

Kim said...

I'm glad you watched it. I literally sobbed uncontrollably(perhaps a little PMS in there too!)
Mike and I came away from it feeling a little more appreciative of each other and how precious life is. Life or any "comfort" of life can be taken away from us in an instant.