Saturday, March 05, 2005

Hollywood and My Faith

I thought I'd share some of the movies which have gotten me thinking spiritually over the years:

Dead Poets Society
The Matrix (though not in a positive way)
Groundhog Day
Bruce Almighty
The Count of Monte Cristo
The Fisher King
The Lord of The Rings Trilogy
The Passion of the Christ
Pay It Forward
The Pianist
The English Patient
Simon Birch
X2: X-Men United

Of course I could list other spiritually significant movies, but these are the ones I have seen. Not all have been positive, but all have been thought provoking.


Jordan said...

Leonard Sweet wrote a book called, "The Church in Emerging Culture". In his book he describes four ways that Post-Modern [whatever that means in all its foggyness] Christians approach the world. You would be what he calls a park. That is you use contemporary culture as a window into the Gospel and as a way of communicating it... correct me if I am out of line. I like this approach. I think it is very Jesus like, he spoke in parables using examples from everyday contemporary culture. Sweet would call this technique the use of, "redemptive analogies." The point is that I think it is wonderful to look for signs of Jesus in contemporary culture and use them to our advantage. It seems more affective than making picket signs against everything.

Kim said...

Hey Jordan!!
Good to hear from you again!