Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Feeling Rushed

Sorry to be away so long; I have been frighteningly busy. I have still found time to think about blogging though. I have been wondering what topics I might tackle.

A few issues have been percolating in my mind, but they are not yet ripe. For now, let me simply do this:

From one of my favorite Rush tunes "Between The Wheels":

To live between a rock and a hard place
In between time
Cruising in prime time
Soaking up the cathode rays

To live between the wars in our time
Living in real time
Holding the good time
Holding on to yesterdays

You know how that rabbit feels
Going under your speeding wheels
Bright images flashing by
Like windshields towards a fly
Frozen in the fatal climb
But the wheels of time
Just pass you by
Wheels can take you around
Wheels can cut you down
We can go from boom to bust
From dreams to a bowl of dust
We can fall from rockets' red glare
Down to "Brother can you spare..."
Another war
Another wasteland
And another lost generation

It slips between your hands like water
This living in real time
A dizzying lifetime
Reeling by on celluloid

Struck between the eyes
By the big-time world
Walking uneasy streets
Hiding beneath the sheets
Got to try and fill the void

So why do I like it? Partly its the tune; there is a steady keyboard that gives a sense of foreboding to the music. But I admit I like the lyrics too. Using very modern imagery I find themes here reminiscentof the Techer of Ecclesiastes. Don't believe me?

I read "It slips between your hands like water this living in real time" and I think of how the Teacher speaksof many things, life itself, as meaningless.

I read "Holding the Good time. Holding on to yesterdays" and I think of Eccl. 7:10.

Compare the chorus to Eccl. 4:1-3.

Or consider "Got to try to fill the void" with the Teacher's own efforts to find meaning.

All those similarities between a work that is a few years old and one that is several centuries old... I guess there really is nothing new under the sun.

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