Tuesday, November 30, 2004

God Gives a Good Day

After the difficulties yesterday, God decided to gie me something I could handle; a chance to witness. I am bi-vocational, and I occasionally have a chance to witness to my co-workers. Recently I have been able to give out a couple of Bibles, and you always hold on to the promise that the Word of God will not return void when you do that. At least I do.

Well today, one of those people asked me point blank: Am I going to Hell because I am not baptized?

I answered in a way that I don't think my evangelism profs would have appreciated. I said "No. And yes."

When I was quizzed about that, I replied, "From what I know of you, yes you are going to Hell, but not for that reason."

(I suppose I should interject at this point that I have a mouth that tends to shoot first and ask questions later. Given the preceeding, it is probably unnecessary. Those who might have been wondering should consider their suspicions on that front confirmed.)

Anyway, the beauty of having relationships built up over time is that I can get away with that kind of statement. Far from being offended, my co-worker was inspired (if not outraged) to ask more questions. In the end I was able to give a full presentation of the gospel, and within hearing of all my co-workers. The one who started the whole thing I think will come to the Church's Christmas outreach banquet. Maybe even to Alpha. Who knows? I do know that my co-worker is searching and open, and has no heard the gospel.

Whatever happens I feel overjoyed at the chance to present God openly after a year of trying to represent him primarily through actions. Its nice to know that I have earned the right to preach Christ having tried my best to live like Him in my place of employment.

I am going to have to think about this more... I'll get back to you with any insights that may occur. If you have any, drop me a line.

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Juner said...

Congrats on your first Blog! I'll be reading more often.