Sunday, November 21, 2004

And so it begins.

I am one of those people wo says "I can't believe they say all that stuff in public!" I mean, what makes poeple share some stuff over the web eh? I don't get it.

That said, I have come to the conclusion that there is courage and merit in being willing to share. The question of course is just what you want to share. Could it be that I might create a blog that will accomplish something constructive by sharing? After much consideration, the answer is "probably not." But I figure, why not give it a shot anyway? The web exists for any oddball out there to say whatever they want. I, of course, am not just any oddball; I am THE Oddball Pastor!

So what will I share here? Well, I'll post some theological reflections ( I am utterly pathological about that, so better I guess to save some of them - you never know some of it might be profound or even useful), some thoughts on miscellaneous issues of great importance (that means sports), offer a few book reviews (on theology of course), and even the odd poem.

Will anyone ever read this stuff? Maybe, maybe not. God does work in wild and wonderful ways though. I look forward to finding out what if anything God has in store for this little venture.

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