Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Tonight I took my kids grocery shopping with me. I generally enjoy doing that, since it affords me some good, fun time with them. I usually make silly with them while shopping, simply because I recognise that grocery shopping for kids is not an incredibly fulfilling experience.

Usually the grocery run follows a pretty predictable course. We start at the deli counter where the kids get a slice of bologna, then get the milk and other dairy prodicts, followed by frozen things, and then bread at the bakery where the boys get a cookie. From there, its through the last few aisles to the checkout. Finally its off to the van , there to place the bagged groceries in preparation for the short drive home.

Tonight though, while I was loading the groceries into the van I found a couple of items of deli meat that didn't get rung through because they were under the flyer. Once I saw them I had to make a couple of decisions. The first was pretty easy: I was going to go back into the store and pay for the deli meat.

The second decision was harder. I debated how much to tell the boys. On the one hand I thought it would be a good chance to illustrate what you are supposed to do as a Christian in these situations. On the other hand I was conscious that I might be puffing myself up. In the end I decided that it was more important for the boys to get an example than to worry about whether I was being humble enough. Still, it was a bit of a dilemma for me.

Its a bit silly I know. But these are my boys and I reallt wonder about how I teach them to behave. Maybe too much, eh?

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pastorjk said...

that's a hard one because did they learn to do the right thing? (I think they did) Or did they learn to do the right thing when others can praise you for it. (I only think we'd worry about that if this was done constantly about everything you ever did right). Like I said, they learned a good thing... but I know that was the junk going through your head at the time.