Thursday, April 14, 2005


Over the last few days I have been having some really neat ideas for things I could do in a worship service to spice it up.

  1. I could string together a bunch of secular songs with gospel messages interspersed.
  2. I could use sound bites from various popular films to make points throughout a sermon.
  3. I could just go through a movie and use it a the springboard for a gospel message
  4. I could read short stories that make excellent gospel points.
Ya I have had the creative juices flowing a bit lately.


Anonymous said...

sounds kinda manic there buddy!Can yo imagine how some might feel unfortable after all its change!!

Oddball Pastor said...

Of course its change, but its change with a purpose. I want to reach as many as I can for Christ!

Kim said...

Certainly would be a good tool for youth or college and career age!

Mmmmm... said...

I remember going to Banff '89 Youth Conference and they used an old Cure song Why Can't I Be You in a presentation and it grabbed my attention being the huge fan of the band at the time. It was the first time I remember being affected deeply by a spiritual presentation. Integrating modern media is a very useful tool in many arenas but I don't know how effective it would be in a Sunday service setting. Many older or long-time members may not relate or even be offended by the use of secular media because they just don't have the experience in modern culture that many of us have allowed ourselves.

Mmmmm... said...

Some see the Matrix as a brilliant opportunity to explain many spiritual truths and the matrix versus real life being metaphoric of Spiritual reality versus physical reality. Others just can't seem to get beyond the violence presented in the film or find that the message is tainted by the apparent itegration of many religions seemingly presented in the film. In thier eyes the message is blocked by something they find more offensive than the good presented.

Achtung Baby...