Friday, April 01, 2005

An April Fool?

Here are some reasons to think I am an April Fool:

1. I have conditionally purchased a home. That's a 6 figure debt.

2. I posted about the Presbyterian. I probably should not have done that, at least not here, since I like to keep this place at least moderately light. That and a few people I know are now sick over the fact that I got all academic. I may or may not hear the end of that.

3. I accept that the report cards my kids brought home are legitiamte, and not forgeries. They were both pretty good reports, especially that of my oldest. Ok, so at 6 and 7 they probably can't counterfeit yet, but you never know...

4. I am posting on the wrong side of midnight. As someone who is almost chronically tired, that isn't smart. You might say it's foolish.

5. I am now going to go to bed thinking that a six figure debt is really no big deal, that the post about the Presby won't cause me headaches, that my kids really are the geniuses I make them sound like, and that I will actuall wake up in the morning refreshed.

Now that's a fool for you.

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crewbear said...


This is crewbear. Sorry I missed your question last night in channel about your post on TGEs blog. No, I don't think you were "way out." As a matter of fact, I briefly considered using the exact same metaphor about throwing rocks. But I was trying not to be provocative. :)

TGE is frustrating because he will assert that exegesis is possible while simultaneously denying every request to produce an example - from any source. Instead, he refers the reader to a collection of nonsensical musings about "stereoscopic coordination of perceptual and auditive images." After yesterday, I am content to let him sit upon his mountain and proclaim his intellectual superiority.

Yesterday afternoon, I had the opportunity to talk with a Catholic who is really a Buddhist. He stated among other things that "Buddha was a manifestation of the Christ." Except that scripture actually means something, I would have no idea what to say to such an assertion. I suspect that TGE would say many of the same things I did in such a conversation. I don't think he would say something like "It is within the Church that the Truth forces itself upon us as we are retuned to the wavelength of reality." Gosh. Come to think of it, a Buddhist might actually understand that statement.