Thursday, December 13, 2007

Something of interest

This one fascinated me. It seems that the very moral ethos that initially empowered women now disarms them when faced wit men who employ it against them. Enjoy the read.


Juner said...

You know, I've been waiting for you to post for an eternity. I have waited and waited and waited, and just when I thought perhaps you have died, been raptured, or just plain fallen off the earth, you finally came through!

Anonymous said...

That's not a moral ethos. Its a total lack thereof. Why on earth would you think that women could be empowered by a lack of morals. ??

Anonymous said...

When I was young I used to sit on the porch with my dad and watch the neighbor boy running around chasing bumble bees. As I wathced this child chase the enormous bee I noticed that he had a limp. This limp made it unfair and I now know that the Bumble Bee had a leg up in what was supposed to be one of the greatest attributes to the song of the wilderness.

God Bless you and may Jesus always keep you safe.

Regards, ton teal

Anonymous said...

This is actually a reply to a post you made on CARM about Matthew 23 and the "seat of Moses" you were dead on. Since CARM won't allow me to privately contact you, I'm using this backdoor.

I did on on Matt 23 and the RCC that is an eye opener, check it out.

I'm Tan2Day on thatsite, and Attila on CARM.