Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Return of the OP

The Oddball Pastor has returned. It is time to resume blogging on matters of theology.

Where have I been? I have written a devotional commentary on James. Called, "Being Consistently Christian", it is based on research I have done using commentaries in the Tyndale, Pillar, NIV Application and Expositor's series.

Currently I am looking at publishing options.

So what now? Now I am dealing with the impact of a deep study in Revelation. I am convinced that Revelation is a book with far more relevance than those who think only in terms of end-times charts might guess. It is a book deeply concerned with ethics. It has a lot to say about worship, martyrdom, the nature of our victory over evil in this world, and the unity of the Father and the Son. That is just in the first 7 chapters.

I will be blogging the insights I have gained from this study, plus whatever else pops into my head.

Kudos to Tertium Quid on his "promotion" to "Team Apologian."

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Gojira said...

You are back! Awesome!