Friday, August 11, 2006

New Books!

I love to read. I probably read for 3 hours each day and would read more if I could, but that would mean more or less detaching from everything around me. Not good.

Anyway, I have received a new shipment of commentaries. I purchased Grant Osborne's commentary on Revelation (Baker), Darrell Bock's 2 volume set on Luke (Baker), Don Hagner's 2 volume set on Matthew (Word), and Edwards on Marl (Pillar). Added to what I already own (Carson [Matthew and John], Evans [Luke], Lane [also Mark] I'd say I now have the gospels well covered.

I'll offer reviews as time allows.

I am still reading through John and a couple of commentaries on John. Interesting to see how people used to think John was so Greek, but now are coming to think his gospel is the most Jewish.

I am also reading Elmer Martens book on OT Theology called "God's Design". So far, so good.

After this I will probably get to Revelation for the sake of teaching it, since that is always a popular request.

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