Tuesday, August 30, 2005

What's been going on:

I had a fun time performing a wedding for a couple who took what they were doing seriously, but not themselves seriously. An excellent combination as it turns out; they were innovative without being irreverant. Highlights included:

Having a wedding reception in a tobacco barn. The stacks of dried leaves made for pungent decoration.

Watching people go ga-ga for what must be the gazillionth time over the "Chicken Dance Song". Praise the Lord, the Macarena failed to make an appearance.

Seeing the bridal party show up in NFL Jerseys.

Seeing at least one person freak out because a rather large bug crawled up her leg.

It was a fun time. What made it really awesome though was the fact that the couple was aunashamedly Christian without being pretentious or stuffy about the fact.

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