Saturday, July 23, 2005

Some things that occurred...

Is there a biblical theology of home ownership? I take possession of my first home in 5 days, and, beyond the borad category of "stewardship", I can't say as I am aware of one. Anyone feel free to enlighten me.

An odd week in the family, with a couple of deaths occurring. In both cases the relations are a bit on the distant side, but its amazing how far the ripples of such events extend into the lake of life.

It is a pleasure to welcome Holly Adele into the world.

Is it just me, or does anyone else think its weird that the same country can refuse to call the people responsible for the bombings in London "terrorists" while at the same time denying the reigning Miss Universe (a national) the opportunity to be greeted at Toronto City Hall?

Do mainline protestant Christians who deny the deity of Jesus consider themselves Trinitarians? I don't see how they can.

When ants come marching into the house, it ain't by no measly two by two.

Speaking as someone who grew up as an only child, every day I seeing how and why my two boys fight is a revelation. Speaking as a parent, its an Apocalypse.

My oldest arrived home from summer camp with a great attitude. God is good.

My youngest greeted his arrival with a lot of grief about no longer being the center of attention. God is still good.

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